Caramel Mocha Twist

Caramel Mocha Twist

A decadent and sweet coffee drink combining the richness of mocha with the smoothness of caramel.

Origin: United States

Pairing: Chocolate cake, biscotti

Difficulty: Easy

Strength: Medium


  • 20g dark roast coffee beans
  • 250ml hot water
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
  • 30ml caramel sauce
  • Whipped cream for topping


  1. Brew the dark roast coffee beans with hot water using a drip coffee maker or a French press.
  2. Mix the brewed coffee with chocolate syrup and caramel sauce in a mug.
  3. Top with a generous amount of whipped cream.
  4. Drizzle a little extra caramel sauce over the whipped cream.

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